🍷 SAXBY wines are Made with Love.  Check out the new wine list!

I’ve made the attached SAXBY wine list highlight bottle price, showing how SAXBY wines can be as economical to enjoy as wines from your grocery store . . . but very different.
Not too many wineries ferment in small batches by hand any more, even if they are advertised as small or family owned. Locally, by definition “garagista wineries” produce thousands of cases! All these wines are made in huge steel tanks, blending different vineyards. Those discounted grocery wines by big, famous wineries with lots of awards . . . well, they made this discounted wine, too, but it often isn’t what is poured in the tasting rooms.
All SAXBY wines are made with love, by hand, from vineyard to glass. Estate grapes are used and wines are aged on-site in French and neutral oak. If you enjoy wine often with your meal, you are probably buying wine, on occasion at least, at the grocery. FREE DELIVERY means cases of SAXBY wines can arrive at your home for an amazing half price!
Let me make your wine shopping easy. Reply to this email or give me a call. And show your love for someone by sharing some red wine. It’s good for your heart.
Pete Saxby

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